Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Zombies sir! Thousands of them.....well, a few......

My good mate Pete Brown (he of the Mouldmaker fame) is running a short Kickstarter to produce a handful of Landsknecht Zombies....the sort that every house needs. He is to be encouraged in his madness, especially when the more that backers pledge, the more the freebies appear. I am a needy soul and love my freebies.....the link is here and below.

 Do mention that I sent you..........

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Asgard Miniatures 1979 Catalogue....

Asgard Miniatures empowered the launching of many of today's hobby sculptors and personalities such as Bryan Ansell, Jes Goodwin, Nick Bibby, Tony Ackland and Rick Priestley. Where would our hobby be without them? If you 'do' Facebook then I urge you to join the Asgard Miniatures Collectors Group created by Mark Stevenson.

Below you (should) find the Asgard 1979 catalogue as a PDF file.......I've followed instruction to embed it however even I don't trust myself. If needed, a direct link to it is here.

Monday, 27 February 2017

A friend has passed away - Pete Armstrong AKA Greblord.

I thought 2016 was bad. Life is starting to suck this year as well. I knew Pete a little back in the 80's when I worked in GW Manchester and he was a Sheffield counterpart. He was a bit of a legend as he wrote painting guides as well...the early Citadel catalogue ones were his. I didn't see him for many years barring a stint at a sheffield Triples, possibly in the early 90's, where he was getting rid of some of his collection...I got the impression he was having bad times but he didn't see me and I didn't feel comfortable interrupting. A couple of years back another friend (Mark Hides of fame amongst many others) tried to get identification of an old Asgard mini which I identified and then borrowed the pic for the Lost Minis WIKI, not thinking about the source. I edited the colours as the paint job (not his) was not so good.....

Pete then posted on another forum about having seen his picture stolen and used etc. The forum defended me as it has never been for financial game and I admitted I should have asked him, he admitted he'd blown it out of proportion and from then we corresponded regularly about the hobby and life in general. He, like myself at the time, was married (happily, unlike mine) with 3 munchkins. We saw each other at last year's Salute (2016) but missed each other at the post show drinkathon as we'd set up at different ends of the pub - we had a quick 5 minutes as he was leaving to catch his train and that was the last I saw of him. We carried on corresponding until it stopped later last year. His own blog was last updated in November 2016. He was a great character as many other people have pointed out and leaves behind his wife and 3 little girls. I'm sad. 2017 is not starting too well. 

Lots of Pete's pics on his Google+ account

Live long and prosper Pete, many will be raising a toast to you.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Dragontooth GI-6 Big Meg and Her Stewpot

Mick Leach over on the Facebook Old School Miniatures Group put a challenge up to drag something out of the depths of your collection and finish it.....I chose Meg as she's been sitting there for at least 10 years. Reactions to her have been occasionally 'interesting' to say the least. One of Tom Loback's more gruesome sculpts although, for me, she is beautiful. I still need to take some decent pics but here she is along with the work in progress shots.....

Just noticed in this old pic of Tom that she is sitting there just above the gas burner to the right...

She had sat like this for some time since adding her to a large Games Workshop monster base....I'd undercoated in the red leather and started on a too-light skin tone...

Her rear has since been 'suitably dirtied' although the thought of looking on the internet for example images stopped me before I pressed search.....

The rear has been cleaned up a little since....I also decided to tone down her 'nipples and lips'

A few relevant pics from a previous post......

I believe this to be the photo used for the advertising copy above. Need to take a decent pic of it.

That's all for now...please check my Dragontooth wants tab on the top in case you can help my addiction.....

More Dragontooth giant pics on the Lost Minis WIKI and more blog related posts here.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

New Year - New Blog Minis.....

Well, there comes a time in every man's life when he says 'enough is enough'. Today is not that time. Without further ado I bring you 3 new greens from Bob Olley....awaiting a few more before production however thought I'd share.....


Kim Do

Sad Do

We even got a mention on the Wargames News and Terrain Blog.

So many projects under lock and key...quite exciting really, only current lack of finances keeps these in check. Probably a good thing.....

More soon.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas one and all!

Tis' the season to be jolly and all things etc. Hope 2017 is a better year than this one with its various problems from countless celebrities dying to terrorism around the globe. Drink tea and paint lead, a far better approach to things.

A wonderful post from Realm of Chaos a couple of years back regarding things Citadel and Xmas;

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kev Adams - Zombies of Karr-Keel

A Facebook hobby friend, Brian Kirkell, has funded a set of Kev Adam's sculpts. I'm in for 3 sets and thought I'd post the details here as I know there are many of Kev's fans amongst us. I'll leave the wording to Brian, directly copied off his Facebook group....all pics and illustrations remain the copywrite of Bryan, Lisanne Lake and Laura Jordan. They are used here with permission. I've added spaces to his email contact to prevent any potential spam botting etc....

In January, my wife asked me what I wanted to do for my 40th birthday. I think she was expecting me to say I wanted a big party like I threw her for her 40th last year, but, I'm a geek... err, Oldhammer enthusiast... and a party just wasn't what I had in mind. What I really wanted was to blow a ridiculous sum of money adding new minis to my collection of C18 Kev Adams zombies, a new host of shambling corpses. Remarkably, she was totally cool with that, setting in motion a series of events which led to the creation of this group.

Alright, everyone. The first set of zombie greens has been photographed and packed back up for shipment to the mold maker. They'll be on the way on Monday, and the flow of beautiful white metal should begin shortly.
With that, I'd like to start offering the first set of 10 zombies for pre-order at the price of US$40 + shipping to give me a sense of how many sets to run and help you all organize group international shipment. See the picture on this post (above) for the minis included in the first set.
Pre-orders will be taken until January 3rd. And, similar to Kickstarter, there will be stretch goals. If 225 sets are sold during the pre-order period, all sets purchased will come with an 11th zombie. If 300 sets are sold during the pre-order period, all sets purchased will come with an 12th zombie. Pictures of the 11th and 12th zombies will follow this post.
To make a pre-order, please PM me on Facebook or e-mail me at bkirkell @ (spaces added here to prevent spam bots), and provide the following information: (1) the number of sets you want, (2) your shipping address including country, (3) whether you want shipment separately or as part of a group, and (4) whether you want shipment in a box or padded envelope. I will collate this information, and will put the people who are interested in a group shipment to their country in contact with each other.
When you send in your pre-order, please make payment via PayPal to bkirkell @ (spaces added here to prevent spam bots). In the comments, please let me know your e-mail address or Facebook handle, so I can tie your payment to your order. The payment amount should be US$40 times the number of sets ordered. Do not include shipping. Although I priced out expected shipping costs, I'll be invoicing these separately once I have a final weight on the set. It is possible that shipping will be less than expected, and I want you to benefit from that and not me. I will not ship your minis until shipping is paid for.
All orders after January 4th will be priced at US$50 + shipping and will not count toward the pre-order stretch goals. Additionally, I will not be assisting in establishing group shipments for orders after the pre-order date. However, these sets will include any stretch goals achieved.
Thank you all for supporting this project. As discussed throughout, the proceeds will be funneled directly into creating more wonderful sculpts to full out the City of Karr-Keel with hordes of undead. If this is particularly successful, we'll see the Necroburgher, fleshy constructs, bands of adventurers, and much more in the future. Let's keep this ball rolling!
Best regards,

More pics now, including potential extras as per above.

Fernand Pepin

Friedrik Klemm

Heinrich De Bolsak

Jac & Daw

 Lady Ahra fon Karr-Keel

Monkey on Globe

 Rufos Chugg

 The Jester

 The Jongleur

The Mayor (illustration by the incredible Lisanne Lake)

The Puppeteer

Wymore Pedervast

Quick edit - Bryan just told me - The painting by Lissanne is a rendering of the original concept art for the Mayor drawn by my sister-in-law, Laura Jordan. Laura's portfolio of zombie concept drawings has been instrumental to achieving the look and feel of the minis in this project, and you can see the drawings with the character descriptions lower down in the group feed.

I'm not connected with this in any way barring being a fan of Kev Adams and purchasing a few sets for myself but this sort of thing is to be encouraged! Tell Bryan I sent you!