Saturday, 15 October 2016

Tony Yates - Warmaster & Blade Wife now at Foundry!

A most wonderful parcel popped through my door today, 2 new sculpts by my good friend and wargaming aficionado Tony Yates, produced by Wargames Foundry. They're not on the site as yet but I'm told they do have some in stock. Ask them via email or ring but don't forget to tell them I sent you!

Tony just sent me the artwork for the characters;

Here are pics of the 'greens' - sculpts can be made from an epoxy putty which is a mixture of blue and yellow turning green.....American Tom Meier (of Ral Partha and Thunderbolt Mountain fame) introduced this putty in the late 70s when Milliput had been the general norm - 'Greenstuff' was found to hold much finer detail and be much easier to work with.....

Now, Tony sculpted many, many ranges over the years, including a number of lost ranges suitable for Lord of the Rings and Michael Moorcock's Granbretan (the Hawkmoon series, Boarmen and mounted Wolf Riders) along with about 30 Star Trek Klingons - these were made for a French company but they disappeared without payment......a friend sent me a couple of pics of Hobbits recently which Tony and I believe were from this time...the hunt is on and more news will be posted hopefully........ 

I was introduced to Tony's sculpts via Heroes Miniatures in the late 70s at a Northern Militaire. He told me that, like many of us, he was introduced into the hobby around the age of 6 via Airfix plastics - in this case French Foreign Legion painted by his Uncle. The rest is history and will be the subject of a future post.....

Some of Tony's sculpts and advertisements are below - his illustrations are legendary and numerous throughout the hobby. I still need to id a number of the sculpts but thought some group shots would be good....

My own few painted examples.....

A mixture of Plastiform and Heroes, painted by their studio painter at the time. I picked up a large lot but still have little idea of the identities as there are no Plastiform listings available...unless you know different?

A great set sent to me by the man himself from his own collection. Complete pride of place in my own collection now.....

Aliens anyone?

Various eldritch horrors from Heroes Miniatures............

Do please get in contact with Foundry and pick up these new pieces, I'd love to see more sculpted for the range. If you have any of Tony's sculpts up for sale or trade do get in touch with me!

Any questions or feedback comment below or on

Monday, 10 October 2016

Grenadier Gamma World Hoops and Bunnies & Burrows Rabbits....

Intelligent rabbits.....what's not to like?

Over the course of the years I've managed to pick up a few miniatures from Both Grenadier's Gamma World and Bunnies & Burrows ranges....all too few unfortunately although I persevere as usual.

Fantasy Games Unlimited Inc. released role playing rules based, of course, on Watership Down (watched the film, never read the book) back in 1976. Steve Jackson (US one, not our UK person of note) Games has published a new version in case you are interested here. Gamma World was published by TSR a little later back in 1978. Collection wise, I have the Gamma World rule set however still need the original B&B book.......

There is an excellent WIKI page on B&B here and Gamma World here.

I have fond memories of first seeing a picture of Bunnies & Burrows in an early Games Workshop catalogue back in the 70s. although didn't have the funds for it of course.....

The Gamma World miniatures' line contains just one pack - G-31 Hoops (blister pic courtesy of Noble Knight Games). I'm still unable to work out the content of the pack although it seems to be a mix of 4 sculpts.....

 The Bunnies & Burrows line contained just 4 blisters; 

BB1 Warbucks

BB2 Scouts & Runners

BB3 Seers & Herbalists

BB4 Mavericks & Storytellers

The miniature pics in blue are those in my own collection, any others I am in need of........I have a few to trade so please get in contact via the usual route.....

Friday, 30 September 2016

Minifigs new range - Retro Sci Fi

Just noticed these via the Minifigs/Caliver Books newsletter. Very nice indeed and well priced so thought I'd post them....all pics are Minifigs. Edit 10th October - mine arrived, very nice castings. Pic at the bottom.

RSF01 Retro Space Pilot - Spacesuit

RSF02 Retro Space Pilot - Uniform

RSF03 Freelance Assassin

RSF04 Pepperpot Hunter

RSF05 Young City P.I.

RSF06 Demon Hunter

RSF07 Mercenary

RSF08 Chrononaut Grandfather

RSF09 Psycho Cyborg

All available here. Tell them I sent you!